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1nspiring Day #Amsterdam


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A 1-day intensive workshop where you will learn your next step in business development.


1nspiring Day

A 1-day intensive workshop where you will learn your next step in business development, by working on the 1nspiring canvas to lead your strategy and rapidly find your unique place in the entrepreneurial landscape.


Get the skills

Learn about strategic management and lean

start-up theories.

Get challenged to use your critical thinking

skills to generate an accurate overview on

your strategic blueprint.

Learn how to communicate with

stakeholders about your business strategy.

Get the job done

Explore and practice simple methods to get

results and drive customer success.

Sketch clear steps to follow and implement

your business strategy.

Rediscover your inner entrepreneurial spirit

and energy to move things forward.

Get effective feedback and personalised advice

Guided by professionals from the industry

you’ll receive customised advice to meet

your needs in: sales, funding, technology,

teambuilding, growth and marketing.

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3 February 2018

B. Amsterdam, Startupbootcamp, Red Room


Johan Huizingalaan, 763a,1066 VH



Walk in at 09:00 am


Start the day at 10:00 am


Wrap up at 04:00 pm with networking & drinks



What you’ll learn

This one- day intensive workshop, meant to give you a taste of 1nspiring, will help you fine tune your business ideas and frame your action plan both on short and long term.


The 1nspiring method is based on an adaptive business model, which will prepare you to quickly adapt to market changes. We’ll make it easy for you to unlock business progress with insights from the current image of your business model canvas.


At the core of the 1nspiring method are recognised business theories, such as The Value Proposition Design (Alexander Osterwalder), The Lean Startup (Eric Ries), Customer Development (Steve Blank) and The Golden Circles (Simon Sinek).


During the course, you’ll get the chance to reflect and understand the situation that you’re in and what are the implications for your current business plan. Analyse weather your business is going in the right direction and receive tailored business solutions and advice from mentors.


At the end of the day, you’ll have a clear business action plan and 100% focus, you become part of the 1nspiring international community, where you can connect with like-minded people, passionate about entrepreneurship and business development.


We’ll provide a delicious lunch and flavoured coffee and tea to fuel up your energy level.


What are you waiting for? It’s time to get a foothold in your business future.


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1nspiring Company





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