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Concept livewire-winnaar te vinden via espacenet

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Vandaag in Zibb.. http://www.zibb.nl/web/Bedrijfsvoering/eigen-zaak/Nieuws/Eigen-zaak-nieuwsbericht/Verkoelende-vinding-Nederlandse-starters-in-de-prijzen.htm


Lijkt wel iets op deze...


Samenvatting van SG135986 (uit Espacenet)

The product is a bedding system that has air conditioning as well as ventilating capabilities to allow users the comfort of enjoying premium rest on the bed. The system's main concept is to circulate conditioned air directly to the outputs on the mattress and provide direct ventilation for the subject resting/lying on the bed. This product can be used by almost anyone simply for the purpose of enjoying more premium rest. It has a wide application range and can be used in almost every environments/climates and it can easily be implement/modify onto any current bed systems that range from health care (hospitals/care centers) to daily normal lifestyles. It is also capable of adding medical values by providing better comfort as well as to prevent skin diseases such as bed sores and so on for bed patients. On top of all the above-mentioned obvious benefits, users will also be able to afford the new system easily as its design can be put up for mass production. The concept is to incorporate the system to become a common place household appliance such as the television, washing machine or the refrigerator. For large scale application such as hotels, using the new system will result in huge savings on electricity bills due to lower energy consumption.


en nog één..



Beschrijving van WO2007026386


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