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29/4 Business Angels in Nizhny Novgorod

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Retired Mod     7,8k 145

Dear Sir/Madam,


The Nizhny Novgorod Science & Information Center would like to invite

you to the II "INNOVATION FAIR for Business Angels and Innovators",

which will take place in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russian

Federation, on 29-30 April 2004.


The Innovation Fair is set up on the initiative of Sergey Kirienko,

the former Russian Prime Minister and at present the Plenipotentiary

Representative of the President of Russian Federation in the

Privolzhsky Federal District. Being the third largest city in the

Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod is a leading technological and

industrial center and administrative capital of the Privolzhsky

District comprising 14 constituent subjects of the RF located nearby

the Volga River.


The Fair is the first in Russia regular platform for bringing together

the investment demand and the offers in the field of innovations and

new technologies, a place of direct contacts between the innovators

and business angels - informal investors of innovation projects.



Participants: heads of different Russian ministries and institutions

which contribute to the development of the innovative

entrepreneurship, heads of international partnership networks,

consultants in the field of marketing new products and innovations on

the global market, Russian business angels and investors from the

Privolzhky District, heads of regional organizations for support of

innovation activities.


Within the framework of the Fair there will be presentations of

innovation projects of the Privolzhsky District and the International

Innovation Congress.


The International Innovation Congress will consist from a mix of

high-level plenary sessions, scientific conferences and a choice of

workshops, round tables and discussion panels. The Congress will focus

on cooperation in innovation support and technology transfer, exchange

of experience for the attraction of investments in the real sector of

economy, marketing of hi-tech developments, protection of intellectual

property rights, learning about new tools and methodologies to enhance

innovation business and enlarge collaborative opportunities.


Presentation: in the course of the Fair will be presented more than

150 innovation projects in the mostly developed branches of the

Privolzhsky District, namely:

1. Chemistry and petrochemical industry;

2. Manufacturing engineering: automotive industry, shipbuilding,

aircraft industry and space technology;

3. Information processing technologies and software;

4. Agricultural technologies, biotechnologies and new foodstuff;

5. Medical equipment and pharmaceutics.


We plan to select about 30-35 projects in each industry branch for

oral presentations and as much for the catalogue. At present, we are

composing the international teams of 5 to 7 investors for each

industry branch (business angels and investors), who will participate

in evaluation and selection of the best projects. Participation of

investors from your country in the branch jury will be particularly

encouraged .



After the Fair, a catalogue "The Innovations from the Privolzhsky

District" will be published. It will include descriptions of hi-tech

developments and new innovation projects, information about the major

organizations supporting the innovation activities in the Privolzhsky

District, potential strategic partners, innovation networks of

scientific-technological cooperation in Russia and abroad.


Cost: we do not charge foreign specialists with registration fee. On

average the cost of residence of a foreign businessman in Nizhny

Novgorod including the two-ways flight, accommodation, board,

translator for 2 days will amount about $ 1500-2000.


I would appreciate if we could discuss the possibility and the scope

of your participation in the Innovation Fair. I will be glad to answer

your questions via e-mail or per phone and as a result to arrange your

visit to Russia and Nizhny Novgorod.


We would be grateful to you if you transmit this invitation to your

colleagues and other people who can find this information useful.


Best regards,


Alexander R. Khalimulin




Manager for International relations

Nizhny Novgorod Science & Information Center (NNIC)


603005, Office 15-18, Oktyabrskaya str., 25, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Telephone/fax: (7-8312)-31-47-42


Тел.: (8312) 19-97-73, 19-60-09


Heeft mijn antwoord je goed geholpen? Dan is een reusje nooit weg.


Iedere vrijdag in Utrecht, gratis uurtje "sparren" met ervaren ondernemers en investeerders.


contact: | Innovation + Business + Finance

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Retired Mod     7,8k 145

Een soort StarTech, maar dan in Siberië. Ik hoop dat jullie wollen onderbroeken hebben.


ff zonder dolle, ik zou daar best een kijkje willen nemen. Lijkt me bijzonder boeiend. Iemand behoefte om mee te gaan?

Heeft mijn antwoord je goed geholpen? Dan is een reusje nooit weg.


Iedere vrijdag in Utrecht, gratis uurtje "sparren" met ervaren ondernemers en investeerders.


contact: | Innovation + Business + Finance

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