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BTW treinreis buitenland etc.

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Hello there,


I have a question concerning btw and trainjourneys to outside the Netherlands.


I am a freelancer and I was doing a job for a client in Berlin. And i want to use the traintickets (bought by Deutsche Bahn) in my tax declaration. But I don't know how?


And in general how can I use invoices from outside the Netherlands (like buying material) in my tax declaration.


This is all very new to me.

I appreciate any help!!





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I thought so.


my question is where (which rubriek) in the online-form of the belastingsdienst do i have to put i.e. traintickets (that i bought from a german company) and or material i bought from a german company?

(my guess is that i can put under "Prestaties vanuit het buitenland aan u verricht", but i am not sure)


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I am a freelancer and I was doing a job for a client in Berlin. And i want to use the traintickets (bought by Deutsche Bahn) in my tax declaration. But I don't know how?

There are two types of taxes that you need to differantiate: income tax (inkomstenbelasting) and value added tax (omzetbelasting). With regard to your income tax, you can simply deduct the cost of the train tickets (excluding the VAT!) from your taxable profits.


With regard to the value added tax...well, that's another story. If you are a Dutch company and you bought a German train ticket in Germany, the ticket will probably have included German VAT. If so, you cannot get a refund from the Ducth Tax Office by including it in the standard (quarterly or monthly) on-line VAT form. You will have to claim it from the German Tax Office instead.


Confusingly enough, claiming it from the Germany Tax Office goes through a portal of the Dutch Tax Office! But please keep in mind that there is a threshold for this type of VAT return. Only if you want to get a refund of 50 euro or more will you ever get your German VAT back.


If you know that you have less than 50 euro to claim in German value added taxes per year, then not all is lost. In stead of getting it back from the German Tax Office, you can then opt to deduct the German VAT amount from your taxable profits. In that case you will have simply deducted the full amount of the train ticket (including the VAT) for income tax purposes.

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Thanks a lot for your post!


So basically everything that has german VAT on it I can only claim back through the portal of the Dutch Tax Office and not within my quarterly online VAT form.


And for my declaration of my income tax I can use whatever expenses I have related to my profession (without VAT).


Did I get it right? :)


kind regards, stephan

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Did I get it right?


Kind of...


There are lot's of rules and exceptions, but the principle of taxation is:

Sales minus business expenses = profit


The taxation is based on your profit and you have to account for this. That means that you should have an administration showing your business income and expense.

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