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Sandra Limerick

Postbus / P.O. box recommendation

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Good evening


My name is Sandra and I recently started my freelance activity and I used my personal address for it. Now I want to change it and I would like to rent a PO box / mailbox so I can get all my mail there instead in my personal address. Since it is only a mailbox I want to spend the least possible in it, therefore, I was wondering if anybody can recommend me what's the cheapest post box I could get in Amsterdam? And also, how can I arrange the change of address?


Thanks a million in advance and wish you a lovely evening.





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Hi Sandra,


Welcome to the Higherlevel forum!


The answer to your question mainly depends on what you want: a simple physical mailbox which you can empty when you like with no additional costs,  or a virtual mailbox which forwards or scans al mail to you?


The default P.O. box in the Netherlands is provided by PostNL. This wil cost you about € 253,- - per year (including 21% VAT)

You can apply for a P.O. Box here  currently  there are 9 active P.O. Box locations in Amsterdam with available boxnumbers (which you can choose yourself)


A virtual alternative is PriPost but although it advertises with a "75% cheaper alternative" to the physical TPG (PostNL) mailbox, that only applies to the  fixed costs. The additional (variable) costs of mail forwarding and scanning could easily exceed the annual costs of a physical mailbox, but will save you the trip the P.O. Box office. 



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What type of mail (and parcels) do you want to receive in this mail box? Please note that not all (international) parcels and packages are delivered to this default dutch PO Box.


Check availability of PostNL Postbus in your desired location.


You have to manage and control change of business postal address yourself by informing senders.





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If you’d like to receive future mail in your mailbox, just inform the senders of your postal address and kindly request them to use that.


If your aim is to hide your personal address, a mailbox will not suffice. The business address has to be the place where a company conducts its business activities and this can’t be a mailbox. This business address is registered in the public files of the Chamber of Commerce and has to be used on your website, your contracts and your invoices. This enables your customers and suppliers to find out with whom exactly they are doing business, allowing them a certain degree of legal certainty. If you need to hide your personal address you have no option but to rent office space.

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