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Anyone know of a fulfilment partner for organic food start up with low volume?

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It seems to be really difficult in The Netherlands to find food fulfilment (organic certified) with cold storage and pick and pack for SME start-ups

When products are brand new, the volume is obviously still very low and most food fulfillers seem to want a minimum of 500 orders

HAs anyone come across a provider that can help?

Post.nl has started a food fulfilment service however their minimum requirement is also 500 orders. 

Please advise?

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@TwaBla there is a lot of support in Canada for start -ups and women entrepreneurs:)) 

Do you perhaps know of local Dutch food fulfillment solutions that we can try?

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What or who will be your market? Will you sell B2B or B2C? And what kind of product are we talking about? Food, drink, supplement, or something else? 


The issue is mostly the combination you´re looking for. Finding a food fulfilment provider which handles low quantities isn´t that hard, however you need to find one which is certified to store and transport organic foods (the SKAL certificate). That really limits your choice, as said above, leen menken is a provider which holds the SKAL certificate (as well as postNL), aside from those providers there are a few more: MFFSNedcargoTielbeke and MCS. Of course these are all rather large providers, which will all have a minimum quantity you have to reach...




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Thank you for your replies:)

Our market is B2B

The product is Kombucha, a low sugar, organic, green tea, soft drink - stored 4 -9 degrees C so cold storage is also required. 

Near Westzaan / Amsterdam would be helpful as the transporter trucking it in from the UK is based there.

Thanks so much for those suggestions  - I will follow all of them up!

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