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Hello everybody. I hope english its not problem. I'm still learning Dutch. I would like to ask you for help here or for €. I am currently working full time but I would like to start my business nie Its hobby. and here my first problem begins to do it legall. I would like to buy here or import one car and sell. Repeat this several times and build cash to next one. When its gooing good after some time then i can then I can finish my current job. initially it will be very little money. if I sell I will buy next. if I got permission to open an office in my home (99% of work done by a laptop and advertising on the internet. Rest 1% its cleaning and little fix car and contact witch buyer) when im buy dutch car to sell I don't do any repairs no bothersome or disturbing situations or sounds for neighbors.
 if I buy a car to import witch smal damage to register here.(when car its from USA and come to germny i pay there all import costs VAT/import duty?)i do taxatie raport Bpm fix the car in another country. When its finish I bring here registers and the situation looks the same as above no problem for neighbors

 I have to rent the entire garage for one car to company place? if i have a private driveway in front can i use it? Paid parking place? Maybe parking witch another garage? everywhere I read there must be a company place but I can't find a micro start requirement. how to talk and present situations to avoid unnecessary costs with small and irregular profit? 

they probably don't recognize me as a ,,businessman'' but I would like to do it clean because knowing the life of two cars without notification and control;/

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From experience, you will not be flagged as a "businessman" until you repeat process 10 to 12 times a year (by either RDW, tax authorities, etc). We have a gazillion rules in NL but nobody is really upholding many of them (sad but true), I will probably get backfire from this comment but OK.

A car business from a home address is not going to work, since your municipality will not allow it.


Although building a business from the ground up is a viable and noble plan, starting a capital intensive business like a car business with very little capital can prove challenging.


If I were you (but of course this is informal advice) I'd do two things:

- raise more start capital (flipping more expensive cars gives better margins, as the paperwork, transport, etc. for each car remains the same while % margins go up);

- try if you can get it going with one car as a prove of concept. Don't register a company yet, just take the experience of flipping one car. You learn a lot from it and if it works for you, rethink and fine tune the plan.


Although the market as a whole is in a slump at the moment, the car occasion market is thriving, in that light your idea sure sounds viable.


PS As you are not a native Dutch speaker, where are you from, what is your mother tongue and where are you currently located? I have a background in automotive and the best opportunities are probably in the export business, opposed to the import business you are referring to. Just an idea.

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Thanks for Your answers. Witch import i thinking about younger car 2/5 years old. I import my self or im buy car already paid in bremerhaven port. When i have big problem witch sell myself i thing sell to another ,,friends'' Autohandel

 I do exactly that same import witch my two cars and i help friends but car its from my country not USA. And here its another situation import self or buy on germany when samebody import. Then im buy this car in germany not usa

Im live here. My Dutch its better to speak but i'm I'm still learning. 

Export its also good idea but for this it is much harder to find a profitable purchase option for export

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