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Hello everyone,


Just a quick question and some opinions.


I have a some concerns about buying over a promising cosmetics shop with good financial figures before the whole Corona crisis. 

What is your opinion about taking over a new business at this time of financial crisis?.


Is this a good time or it is too risky?


Your advice will be highly appreciated 



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If it has good financial figures it is not just 'a promising cosmetics shop'. With due diligence (boekenonderzoek) you can make sure you are not buying a cat in a fancy bag.


Living in our age it can be important to distinguish between online and brick and mortar. Good potential would be solid roots in reality (sourcing, unique ingredients and processes, marketing position) and a broad reach in commercial clouds. Look at repeat buying cuers!!!!


The crisis has affected different companies in different ways, so now there are great opportunities to buy companies - and with cheap loans! But also pitfalls.


PS > If you do not have experience in certain industries, don't be persuaded to buy your way in. :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:


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Why a user name and topic title in Dutch and a text in English?


Which assets and obligations are part of this proposal? And what are the operational results over Q2?


This is not a quick question and answering topic at all!


Best regards,



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"The secret is to take an existing product, service or concept and then take it up a level by applying your own vision and creativity."

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3 uur geleden, Cosmetica zei:

Is this a good time or it is too risky?


It is a good time to buy cheap, thus lowering the risk.

If you can't buy cheap now, then don't do it now. 

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