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Nieuwe ZZP - GDPR onzeker



sorry if I write in English, I promise I'm learning and will soon be able to write in Dutch (have been saying it for years :face-with-hand-over-mouth:)


I'm a fresh zzp, I will conduct some business consulting and test a couple of business ideas I have. Regarding GDPR, i'm aware of the most basic points, but I'm still not sure how to approach it when it comes to consultancy contracts, as I have a client ready to get started.


Am I seen as a processor if I work for a company advising/managing some of their marketing effort, or not? I don't "process" any data directly, but I might have access to some tools who display data. From what I understand I should be considered at the same level as an "intern beheer" for GDPR purposes by the Dutch autority, so I would not be a processor and have to have a DPA.


Would that count also for other EU countries (UK, for instance, until Brexit), as I operate from the NL, or should I check into each single interpretation from any EU state member?


Does anyone have experience with this?  Do you know anyone that can help giving me more clarity on this?

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