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Do I need to register as a sole ownership?


I am trying to figure out if I need to register as a sole ownership for the following to scenarios: 


1) starting a writer partnership with medium.com where one is payed monthly by the amount of readers and engagement with the articles; 

2) for starting a podcast. 


As far as I understood from: https://www.kvk.nl/inschrijven-en-wijzigen/inschrijven-bij-de-kamer-van-koophandel/moet-ik-mijn-bedrijf-inschrijven/criteria-van-een-onderneming/  

in the first scenarios I don't need to register. 


I am not sure how the podcast is seen. 

Any help regarding this topic will be highly appreciated. 


Thank you in advance.  

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Hello Bogdan, and welcome at the Higherlevel forum!


1 uur terug, Bogdan_D zei:

in the first scenarios I don't need to register. 


Why not? As a writer you  offer a service, take (structural) part in the economic trade  for a more than a symbolic  compensation and you are being at risk  as an entrepeneur (like no profit or even losses) . What makes you think your involvment in medium.com does not apply to that? 


Same story with the podcast: what is your purpose with that ? If you are trying to achieve structural financial gain/income through these podcasts, then you are an entrepeneur, just like many youtubestars and (other) influencers et cetera  


to cut a long story short: It al depends on the expected time spent and the amounts involved:

If this is something you do  or try to do for a living, then you should register. But if this is just a side-dish for a few hours a week and your extra income out of it is no more than 100-250 Euro's a month, than it is a hobby: no need to register then.


Waarmee kan ik je helpen?

Ik adviseer ondernemers over betrouwbare en betaalbare verzekeringen tegen arbeidsongeschiktheid en aansprakelijkheid.   Meer weten?  Contact


Mijn laatste blog: De AOV premies stijgen, wat doe je er aan en wanneer?

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Hello Norbert. Thank you for your answer it helped drive my thinking in a good direction. 


On KVK website they mention the following 3 criteria  with my understating of them.  


1) You deliver goods and / or services. For example, you sell bicycles or you are a photographer.

On medium.com a writer is not commissioned to write specific topics. One gets paid if and by the reader, depending on  values of the articles provided. Technically this criteria applies but not as for a ghostwriter.  


2) You ask a more than symbolic fee for this. For example, you invoice the costs and the hourly rate. 

What is the symbolic fee? I couldn't find any threshold or maximum.  Is your example of 250 euros per month based on some official rule? 


3) You participate in (normal) economic traffic. For example, you photograph on behalf of a client and not for family and friends. 

This one is clear that as a writer or with a podcast one dose participate in an economic exchange. 


I am still confused by these criteria.  Your remark about the expected time and amount helped clear some fog but not all. 

For now this will be a hobby that might get a max few hundred euros per month.  Which will be anyway declared at the end of the year in the annual tax declaration. 


I think I will not register for now.  

Thank you again for your help. 

Kind regards,


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