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Voorbelasting when all your VAT is reverse-charged

I recently made some office purchases for my business. Am I allowed to claim back the VAT as Voorbelasting, even though I never pay VAT to the Belastingdienst myself?


My situation: I'm a registered ZZP'er living and working exclusively in the Netherlands, but all my clients are in another EU country. This means that instead of charging VAT on my invoices, I use the EU reverse charge rule (the client has to add the VAT in their own country). When I submit my quarterly Btw-aangifte to the Belastingdienst, I therefore never owe any VAT.


By the way, I don't use the Kleinondernemersregeling. So if a Dutch client hires me, I would have to charge them VAT and then pay this to the Belastingdienst.  However, I run a translation business offering completely different languages than Dutch, so I don't expect to have any Dutch clients in the foreseeable future. Is it allowed to claim Voorbelasting for my office expenses when all my VAT is reverse-charged to another EU country?

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5 uur geleden, feestaardvarken zei:

Am I allowed to claim back the VAT as Voorbelasting, even though I never pay VAT to the Belastingdienst myself?

Yes. The fact that you reverse the vat still makes you a Dutch entrepreneur for the vat, so claiming back vat on your expenses is no problem

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