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Cartoon Games, Phone Sites and Non-Electric

Description of your concept:

Cartoon Game Maker:
In the decades-old Iron Giant movie, the giant is rendered in 3D, but with the lines slightly wobbled to look hand drawn. Why aren't there more examples of this in 3D, particularly in interactive form? And why not make "3D paintings?" Well, you should look at some of the demonstrations linked on this page.

I don't like normal 3D anymore, because the graphics all look the same. I think there's little need for intensive hardware to make something with a good art style. If developers like "realism" so much, they can do photography.

SVG filter effects could be used for textures, SVG is vector graphics, meaning potentially unlimited resolution. Most 3D graphics use polygons, but you can create smooth lines with bezier curves in vector graphics, so why not 3D bezier curves to make smooth 3D models? Instead of having nasty pixellated shadows, vector-based shadows can be used.

The name "Cartoon Game Maker" is based on "RPG Maker." Instead of being only on PC, Cartoon Game Maker could also run on a cheap console specialising in cartoon graphics.

Features for both include, 1; amputee-friendly controllers, playable by one hand or one foot, 2; an electrowetting display that can also display the brightest colors by Stuart Semple, 3; procedural generation and other methods for low file size, think .kkrieger, 4; either drag and drop or natural language-based programming to make it easy to create elaborate games, 5; support for scents with new "scentphones," like headphones, but for your nose, so deaf people can enjoy the game with two senses, 6; the freedom to publish almost anything you want, 7; the ability to plug the console into TVs, PCs, tablets, etc, 8; ability for color filters, including colorblind simulators, when playing the game, 9; the ability to create and use custom controllers for different types of gameplay, 10; the ability for users instead of professional developers to publish games, and 11; more features I'll leave others to come up with.

I think people should be allowed to publish almost anything they want, just like on a Blu-Ray player, there's Blu-Rays of children's cartoons, and also ones involving, let's just say "strippers." That's how it should be in a gaming democracy. (Unless you plan to release the console in somewhere like China, I have some ideas for a "Hays Code" that I'll probably keep to myself until then.) For deaf people, they can enjoy "scent music" with things like essential oils or something.

The console is also made using the most enviromentally friendly and non-toxic materials possible. I think it is defunct, but Watt OS is a Linux distribution designed to run on as little power as possible. You can base the OS on Watt OS.

Phone Sites:
Are you using a talk and text only plan on your cell phone, with no access to internet data? Introducing phone sites! First, text a short code that hosts these phone sites. Once you text, it will display a directory of all available sites. Let's say there's a phone site called Cat Facts, text CATFACTS, and it will give you facts about cats! Or text JOKEJAR, and it will tell you jokes! Or text CHOOSEADVENTURE, and it will challenge you with a selection of choose your own adventure games!

Since it's mostly or entirely text, hosting might be cheaper and less resource consuming than internet websites. Also, all sites are verified by the Green Web Foundation, if it actually rated phone sites!

I also thought of "procedurally generated internet," websites that come in small packets that are loaded and then created on the user's computer, think .kkrieger, so they can be run on a solar-powered server, think Low-Tech Magazine. Bring back EVA files, but maybe in procedural format! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_Vector_Animation

The Atelier Store:
In Japan, an organisation called "Atelier Non-Electric" makes enviromentally friendly non-electric products. Many of these products, such as their non-electric refrigerator, are meant to replace their electrical equivalents. It also has a Korean derivative called "No Plug."

In the United States, there is also a series of hardware stores called Lehman's, which is based on the Amish values of avoiding the use of electrical products. Almost the entirety of their products are non-electric.

Therefore, I came up with the idea of a series of stores that sell enviromentally friendly products that don't use electricity. "The Atelier Store" sounds catchy to me. Imagine how much money people would save on their electric bills!

Describe what you have done up to now for this:

I frequently come up with ideas that I think are very imaginative, but I do not have the experience required to bring these ideas to life. Therefore, I am leaving these ideas for other people to work on, IF they find my ideas interesting.

What is the challenge you want to solve with your concept:

I want to solve the lack of "artistic" graphics in games, meaning the lack of development of stylised 3D graphics. I want the world to also use less energy.

How does this differ from existing concepts:

Instead of games having "robot graphics" trying to imitate photographs and failing miserably at it, games could have graphics that actually look "made by a human." Phone sites, because they're not the conventinal internet, and non-electric alternatives to electric products.

What is the kind of feedback you are hoping to get:

I want to know if anyone else is interested in further developing my ideas. It probably will take time, and not all my ideas may be implemented, but I'm willing to wait and see. (I at least want cartoon graphics as a filter on something like Unity.) Let me know what you think.


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Maybe the Halfbakery would be a good fit for your ideas?


Good ideas are a dime a dozen, it is the implementation that is the hard part.


You appear to follow the South Park Gnome Underpants model for innovation – phase 1: come up with ideas; phase 2: ???; phase 3: profit" – but the hard part is phase 2, and that is the part you do not appear to be willing to invest in.


For example, about your idea of creating a game maker or graphics library that will create the illusion of hand drawn 3D graphics. How much research have you put into this to come to the conclusion that it doesn't exist yet? Have you started work on an MVP? What are the adjacent technologies that could help you realise this idea? Have you looked at what is going on in the cartoon world?

Branko Collin, front-end web developer / prototyper / Drupal-developer.

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I appreciate you telling me about Half Bakery, I knew about that site, but forgot about it entirely until now.

I think I should give you some background information. I lived with one parent who never had a job, living entirely on government funds, during my entire youth. I also stopped going to school after elementary, even though I still wanted to keep going, because it would apparently be better to "homeschool" me. My single parent barely made any effort to actually educate me, so I have no real job skills, the only thing I have is my imagination. Believe me, I would try to come up with a minimally viable product if I actually could.

About research, Guilty Gear Xrd recreated 2D animation quite closely, but I feel like I can still tell it apart from actual 2D. The lines look too perfect, I think. Also, I don't like most Japanese animation very much, since I feel it's not very expressive in the motion of the bodies. I came up with all these ideas through extensive Googling, if there's better alternatives to Google, feel free to share. I'm not sure about adjacent technologies, maybe SVG graphics library source code? I don't know much about what's going on in the cartoon world because I don't tend to watch shows.

Watching the Iron Giant again, I think you can tell the giant is 3D if you know it's 3D, because it's made from a bunch of polygons. If there was an entirely new type of 3D that uses imprecise beizer curves, it might look "less 3D."

Both Guilty Gear and Iron Giant is better than nothing. I think the motive in this case is not so much profit as it is the desire to look at pretty 3D games. Even if you can kind of tell it's computer generated, it might be aesthetically pleasing if it used, say, a crayon style.

I'm proposing this idea because I feel the idea of mock-hand drawn graphics is not well developed. Some RPG Maker games can look pretty, but it's dimished with them having blocky graphics and only the ability to move in four directions.

I think I forgot to mention a machine learning program that analyses an artist's strokes and renders the 3D models that way. To be honest, other than machine learning, I think analogue computers would be best for mock-hand drawn graphics, machine learning would be best for representing a particular artist's style, too bad analogue computers are no longer in common use.

SVG is an element of some websites, are you willing to learn about the way SVG is coded? If no one is willing to advertise "looking for 3D graphics programmers and SVG programmers to merge the two technologies together."

Maybe I should focus on something simple, like making music with someone else.

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