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Replacing computer after a few months

My situation: 

- bought a computer in march 2020 (my previous one broke during lockdown so i was in a hurry) for 1200€ (990+vat)

- opened a company 1st july 2020 , added the invoice for the pc (my accountant said i can do it even if i bought the pc before the company)


I'm now not satisfied with it, so i'm thinking about buying a new one (before year end possibly to save on box3 taxes). 


1) Should I count the afschriving for the 5 months from july to december (5/60)?
2) So, if I sell it to myself or my partner (can i do it?) for let's say 600€, I will be able to deduct from 2020 profit 92€ (990/60*5)

3) but what about the difference between book value and how much i sold it for (308€)? Can i also deduct this? 
4) Is it fair to sell it for the value that i would get with a trade-in from apple on their website? Do i actually have to perform a payment from my partner to me, as there is an invoice, or it's not required? We have a shared account so some of our money is together anyway



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There's a few things that need to happen with regard to both income and turnover tax. However, I do feel you have fairly good grasp of the matter.


1) Yes, you can simply depreciate for the period that you actually had the computer. You probably claimed around 200 euro of VAT back in Q3 of 2020 (that's the turnover tax part). And then you can depreciate 1/60th of the price excluding VAT for each month you have it. In your case: 1/60th from July through November.


2) As you are probably a sole proprietor, you cannot 'sell' it to yourself or your fiscal partner in a legal sense, because legally the company and you are the same entity. However, you can or must transfer it from your company in a fiscal sense if the company use rate of that particular asset would drop below the fiscal threshold of 10%. If the company asset use rate is that low it is actually mandatory for you to get it 'out of the books'. The only thing that is required is pay the VAT on 'extraction' of this asset, and to also to administer that you personally extracted this asset from the company.


However, I can imagine that for administrative purposes, you might want to make an actual invoice, because it would make it =easier to add the turnover and turnover tax to your bookkeeping software, as if it were a regular sale. Even though that invoice would have no legal meaning, making it would automatically mean that everything will go correctly for tax purposes. So, let's say you 'sell' you laptop for 600 euro (495 euro plus VAT), you just make an invoice with VAT (you have to pay VAT on the sale, because you deducted it when you purchased it). Then make a payment from your private bank account to your business bank account. When you process this invoice and the payment, everything will be in handled correctly fiscally, as far as I can see.


3) The difference between the price you get for 'selling' it and the value in the books, is simply an extra loss you can deduct right away as "boekverlies".


4) The value you have to hold on to is the "market value", meaning the value any "reasonable person" would buy it for under "normal circumstances". I know that may sound vague, and it is. So, you can use the trade-in value, if you are actually trading it in. If you are selling it to a third party or yourself or your partner, use the price you would reasonably be able to got on a regular (digital) marketplace, like marktplaats.nl for instance.





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