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Wout Tankink

Most Amazing Inventions of 2005

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ik kies voor de "Rise and Shine", opstaan met een goed humeur:


Inventor: Lee Loree

Availability: Now, $149

To Learn More: sleeptracker.com

Ever wonder why you feel groggier some mornings than others? It may be because your alarm went off when you were in the middle of a deep sleep. The Sleeptracker watch solves this problem by waking you only when you are in a light sleep. Equipped with a built-in motion sensor, the watch can tell whether you are in a deep or a light slumber. (The more restless you are, the lighter your sleep.) To ensure an optimal waking time, allow a window of 20 minutes or so when it would be O.K. to get up. Then Sleeptracker's alarm will go off when it senses that you are best ready to face the day.


Pitch Coach / Pitch Trainer , Presentatie en Sprekers Coach/Trainer, Gast Spreker / Public Speaker

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"The Tweel has been tested on the IBOT robotic wheelchair and military vehicles. But you won’t see it on your Honda anytime soon. Michelin says it is still too noisy for automotive applications."


Nee, want een militair voertuig mag je al van ver horen aankomen. Daar gaan we de oorlog wel mee winnen ... ;)

Rent a War Room® 

Ruimte voor creativiteit en innovatie • http://www.rentawarroom.nl

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Let op: het laatste bericht in het topic waar je op wilt reageren is meer dan zes maanden oud. Onnodig oude topics omhoog halen wordt niet altijd gewaardeerd, maar natuurlijk mag je nog wel op oude topics reageren.

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