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Breach of contract, statutory violations

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We are a dutch company and signed a subscription service from a US Digital marketing company that sells email ids. During the subscription period, they allowed us to download email contacts. After termination of the subscription with this US company, they sent us a legal notice saying we are still using the email ids downloaded from them. They figured it out by planting some fake email ids in the downloaded emails which we are using for marketing purposes. Now, they are saying it is breach of contract and statutory violations as per the contract. Is this legal and can we fight back on legal grounds?

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Welcome to HL 


It all depends on the detailed terms in this contract. What can you share about that?

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Thanks for your prompt responses:


Text from them:


Sections 2.3 and 3.4.1 of the LTC contain post-termination data deletion obligations. Specifically, Keansa was required to delete all Licensed Materials Contacts from which it did not receive responsive communication. Based on our data security programs, we are confident that Keansa retained several lists containing thousands of Licensed Materials Contacts (the “Retained Contacts”). We also have indicators that the Retained Contacts include contacts from which Keansa did not receive responsive communication. Our evidence further shows that Keansa’s employees have continued sending emails to the Retained Contacts following the expiration of its license, and most recently on June 17, 2022. This conduct clearly violates Sections 2.3 and 3.4.1 of the LTC.


Two questions:

1. They are forcing us to sign a new contract at a higher price before a fixed 24 hr deadline. Should I agree to such an aggressive timeline. To me it looks like a trap to complete their sales target before the end of the month.

2. What are the arbitration options that I have? Can I file a case against them that they sold fake email ids and not that of genuine prospects?

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Op 28-6-2022 om 10:44, Keansa zei:

We are a dutch company and signed a subscription service from a US Digital marketing company that sells email ids.


Suggest you obtain proper legal advice on what your doing with those as well.

Be aware that if it turns out that those e-mail addresses belong to consumers that are not your  own customers, and you are sending bulk e-mail to them, that could be in violation of Dutch anti-spam laws.

Penalties for that are pretty high (up to 900.000 EUR).

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