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  1. For entrepreneurs it is both fun and important to enjoy the company of fellow entrepreneurs in a relaxing atmosphere. And what is more fun to do, then cook your own dinner together? Not known for their teamwork, so therefore an interesting challenge - each group of entrepreneurs will put together a great dinner under the expert supervision and guidance of the Chefs at the Kookstudio. We will offer several evenings - each with its own theme. You can attend each one separately or become a regular in our EFactor Kitchen and attend them all. Each evening will be based on a theme. The theme
  2. This event discusses all aspects of the "het Nieuwe Werken" - with the setting being the beautiful Spaces offices, itself a great example of our event theme. As our Keynote Speaker we will have Coen Olde Olthof who is the program director for "het Nieuwe Werken" at KPN and in the process of finalizing his book on this subject. Coen will be supported by a panel of specialists Willem de Jager, Telewerkforum as well as Martijn Roordink, the founder of Spaces. Website Naar website van evenement Organisator EFactor Prijs 20
  3. Dit topic is bedoeld voor discussie over bovenstaand(e) evenement(en).
  4. Dit topic is bedoeld voor discussie over bovenstaand(e) evenement(en).
  5. De vice-gouveneur van Yangzhou komt spreken over zaken doen in China. Op het event zal ingegaan worden op de dynamiek van het zaken doen met China en de culturele aspecten: - Hoe herken je de juiste kansen - Hoe vermijd je valkuilen van de Chinese economie, zowel cultureel als politiek - Hoe spreek ik de markt aan en bouw je waardevolle zakelijke relaties in China Website Naar website van evenement Organisator EFactor Prijs 15


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