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    Do you have a business question, do you want feedback on your business plan or do you want to advise others? Then you are at the right place at a higher level. Here entrepreneurs come together to take each other to the next level.
    Ask your question, get a quick answer and share your experiences with entrepreneurs. The moment it suits you!
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A forum is a community. Just like in the offline world, rules are necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly. By registering on Higherlevel.nl, you accept the following terms and conditions and commit to adhering to them.

Caution! Higherlevel.nl is a public forum and ranks highly in search engines. That means that messages you post here are easy for others to find. Keep this in mind when posting 'sensitive' personal and business-related information as well as when choosing your user name and forum name.

Our main target group comprises people who either have their own business or are planning to become entrepreneurs and who are interested in helping others with questions or problems that entrepreneurs encounter in their work, with no ulterior motive. You can ask any questions related to entrepreneurship on Higherlevel.nl. In order to keep the forum relevant for this target group and because we strongly believe in providing help without any strings attached, we also have a number of rules to keep the focus on these goals.
  • Higherlevel.nl is not a marketplace
  • The forum boards and other sections of Higherlevel.nl may not be used as a marketplace. In other words, you cannot use the forum to advertise, offer your services in messages (self-promotion), find clients (canvassing) or solicit suppliers for your primary business activities. As an example: If you are going to start a flower shop, you can ask any questions related to your business plan, regulations and the like, but not 'where do I buy my flowers?' However, we do have a separate Supply and demand section where requests for suppliers are allowed, within reason.
  • No questions on behalf of clients
  • Many of our participants are advisers or experts in their particular field and share their knowledge without any vested interest. We deeply appreciate this, as it goes to the heart of our objective. However, you are not allowed to ask questions on behalf of your clients on Higherlevel.nl.
  • Associations, foundations and private companies incorporated to make regular payments
  • Associations and foundations with a social or non-commercial objective and private companies incorporated exclusively to make regular pension payments and which no longer have commercial interests in terms of entrepreneurship do not belong to our target group.
  • No surveys or market studies
  • Surveys and market studies offer no substantive added value to our forum and are therefore not allowed on Higherlevel.nl.
  • Employees
  • In principle, employees are not allowed to post questions on Higherlevel.nl because they are not part of the target group. In individual cases, moderators can decide to go ahead and accept a question from an employee if the subject is also of interest to entrepreneurs.
  • Students and secondary school pupils
  • You may use Higherlevel.nl as a source of information, but you may not post questions on our forum related to homework, degree programmes or internships, or ask for thesis-related help. Are you a student entrepreneur and is your final project an actual business enterprise? If so, then you are just as welcome as every other first-time entrepreneur to request substantive feedback about your business plan or strategy.
    Please note: assignments to start a pilot company do not fall within the permitted subjects for students or pupils.
  • Not a complaint or review site
  • Higherlevel.nl is not a complaint site. We do offer space to share experiences with the aim of getting advice to resolve a problem with a specific company.
  • Do not solicit money!
  • It is prohibited by law to publicly canvass for participation (1995 Securities Transactions [Supervision] Act). Consequently, you are not allowed to post messages on Higherlevel.nl in which you solicit money or canvass for investors.
    However, you are allowed to present your plan on the 'Funding' board of the forum or to ask questions about funding issues, so that fellow entrepreneurs can assist you with tips or advice on the right/best approach to finding the right form of funding for your plan.
  • Multi-level marketing / Network marketing
  • discussions fall outside the scope of this forum.

Posting messages or images that are hateful, racist, fascist, threatening, sexual, derogatory, slanderous or shocking is undesirable and may have consequences with respect to your participation in the forum. Furthermore, do not post any personal information about third parties (such as name, address, telephone number and suchlike) on the forum. If you see a message that you find offensive or does not comply with the rules, you can always report it to us by using the 'Report this message to the moderator' link that appears under every post when you are logged in. Moderators have the right to close threads and/or delete messages with or without giving reasons.
Advertising, spam and self-promotion
Promoting yourself, advertising, link building, chain letters, pyramid schemes and unsolicited job applications are undesirable and therefore not allowed. This also includes linking to your own website if it has a commercial interest. Creating an account for the sole purpose of posting backlinks or other forms of link building in your profile or signature is likewise prohibited.
Measures in response to violations
Higherlevel.nl is amoderated forum. Moderators check messages and profiles against the forum rules and always reserve the right to edit or delete messages and profiles. Moderators do their best to apply the forum rules as uniformly as possible to all messages and responses; still, keep in mind that moderators are people, too. They are volunteers who enjoy putting in the time to guide this forum in the right direction. Although the moderators are open to receiving your opinion or explanation in a personal message (PM). We will not debate about moderation in the public part of the forum!
In the event of repeated violations by an account or user, or from a certain IP address, the account, the user and/or the IP address will be banned.


Each participant on Higherlevel.nl is personally responsible for the content of posted messages and responses; when writing messages, keep in mind the privacy and rights of third parties. Do not post any images, texts or other attachments that may be subject to copyright, portrait rights or other rights unless you have express consent from the entitled party.
Give and take
The success of Higherlevel.nl entirely depends on the willingness of participants to help each other without any ulterior motive. Therefore, in addition to posting your own questions, also try to help fellow entrepreneurs based on your own specific knowledge and experience.
Posting a new message
To ask a question, you can post a new message. However, please read and observe the following before creating a new message.
  • Use the search function first
  • Chances are that your question has already been posted and answered. Therefore, use the search function first to see whether you can find the answer that way. If you are unable to find the answer, or the answer does not entirely address your question, you can go ahead and decide to post a new message.
  • Choose the appropriate forum board
  • When posting a new question, choose the most relevant forum board. Higherlevel.nl is divided into various themes and subjects. Do your best to post your question in the most appropriate forum board.
  • Ask clear questions
  • Make sure that the questions you are asking are clear, and limit the number of questions in your message to a maximum of two. This will increase the chance of receiving replies. If you have multiple questions about different subjects, post them separately in the appropriate forum board.
  • Show what you have already done on your own
  • As the saying goes: being an entrepreneur means being enterprising. It is fair to expect a good bit of personal initiative on the part of entrepreneurs. Consequently, when asking your question, show what you have already done on your own to find the answer and where you are getting stuck. A message thread may be closed if you can easily find the answer yourself.
  • Do not post the same question in multiple forum boards
  • It is forbidden to post the same question in multiple forum boards. You may only post a question in one place. This is to prevent the same discussions occurring in multiple places, which often leads to confusion or duplicate, almost identical answers in several places.
Responding to messages
In addition to posting new messages, you may also respond to existing messages. Once again, a number of rules apply.
  • Always respond to your own message threads
  • If you have posted a question, always give feedback to the responses; your fellow entrepreneurs have made the effort to answer your question. In many cases, an exchange automatically arises in order to provide more details, but a response is also appreciated when you obtain the right answer immediately, even if it is simply to thank those who responded for making the effort.
  • Stay on topic
  • If you respond to messages from others, limit your answers to the questions asked or additional information that is relevant to the person who posted the question. Do not go off on a tangent or question the technicalities of how the question was asked (tone, wording).
  • Respond with or without quoting
  • There are two ways to respond to a message on Higherlevel.nl. One, the 'Reply' button adds a new comment field under the current message in which you can give your answer. Two, the 'Reply with quote' button: when you use this option, the previous message is copied and pasted into the new comment field, underneath which you can write your answer. Only use the 'Reply with quote' option if you want to specifically address a certain part of the latest response, or if you are responding to an earlier post so that other participants can see that you are addressing something other than the preceding post. Always try to keep the quote as short as possible in order to avoid duplicating lengthy passages of text. Long quotes making reading less enjoyable, particularly on mobile devices.
  • 120-minute message editing window
  • A posted message can be edited up to two hours after posting. Posted messages cannot be deleted after the 120 minutes are up.


Registering on Higherlevel.nl involves creating a user profile with a user name, password and the name you choose to use on the forum (both your user name and your forum name will be registered when you join). The user name and email address are the only mandatory fields in your profile; you must provide these in order to be able to post on Higherlevel.nl.

Your user profile is the only place on Higherlevel.nl where you are allowed to advertise yourself. The profile offers ample opportunities to include links to social media profiles and your website as well as the necessary company information.

Within your profile, you can also create a signature that automatically appears under every message you post. The length of the signature is limited to 300 characters and you can add a link to your website or social media profile. Please note: this should be a quote or relevant entrepreneur link. Higherlevel.nl is not a platform for links to websites where feuds or personal matters and dissatisfactions are aired.

The user profile is a privilege reserved for active participants. User profiles with a low number of posts or none at all that abuse this privilege may be blocked or deleted.
In addition to the forum boards, there is also a Columns section. Depending on the number of columns submitted, topics of interest to entrepreneurs will be discussed by Higherlevel.nl participants from time to time; all participants are welcome to submit a column. Columns will be evaluated in advance on the basis of content and relevance to entrepreneurs.
Every registered member is welcome to post an event to the calendar. We should point out that, as a forum for entrepreneurs, we will only accept items that are business-related. Please note: canvassing is strictly prohibited here, too. In other words, you are not allowed to post any events where you will be selling your products/services.
Supply & demand
Is there something you are looking for, or is there something you would like to offer? You can post such messages in the Supply & demand section. Theoretically, you can post a message for anything that you might be looking for or have to offer, as long as it is business-related. One important condition applies when you are posting something to offer: whatever it is you are offering, it cannot be anything that is part of your standard business operations. For example: do you have an office chair or office space for a first-time entrepreneur? Fine! However, advertising your services is not allowed.


Personal data
Higherlevel.nl strives to conform as much as possible to the applicable national and international legislation and regulations. This applies

in particular to the storage and management of personal data. Only data that are necessary for the functioning of Higherlevel.nl will be processed. In particular, the Higherlevel.nl organisation undertakes never to do the following with your personal data and other information:
  • Never sell, pass on or provide it to third parties
  • Never use it for commercial purposes.

Higherlevel.nl requests personal data (such as your name and valid email address) as part of the registration process. You decide how much you wish to share and you can always change or delete this information in your account profile at any time.
Deleting a profile
All participants can make their profile anonymous by changing their forum name and removing all details from their profile, making it impossible or no longer possible to trace posted messages to your personal information.
You want your profile to be deleted? You can submit a request in one of the below ways (choose only one method).
Please notice when we delete your profile: the messages you have posted will remain part of the discussion on our forum, but can no longer be traced back to your personal data

  • Use the 'Report to moderator' link in one of your messages. All moderators will see this notification. One of them will carry out your request and contact you by email.
  • Send an email to admin@higherlevel.nl
Cookies are used to personalise your visit to the forum. These cookies allow you to save your personal settings and keep track of which messages you have already read. Although it is possible to disable the cookies, accepting them makes it easier for you to use the forum.
Google Analytics and Addthis
Higherlevel.nl uses the well-known Google Analytics (GA) tool for the analysis of visits to Higherlevel.nl. The consequence of this is that Google automatically has access to the metadata that GA collect.

Third parties can also collect data from that software about your online behaviour. This can apply to:
  • loading GoogleFonts;
  • external videos that are embedded in the Video section;
  • externally hosted images;
  • links in forum messages.

If you do not want your data to be used in this way, consider using tools such as ublock, purify (iOS9) and adblock.
Personal messages
Higherlevel.nl offers the opportunity to send personal messages (PMs) to other participants on this forum. Like the forum messages, PMs are stored unencrypted on our servers, but unlike the forum messages, they cannot be viewed by other participants except by their addressees. In case of abuse of the personal message system or suspected undesirable activities (for example spam, making threats, attempted fraud, acting in violation of the law, etc.), a select group of Higherlevel.nl administrators can view the personal messages in question in order to decide on the appropriate action to take
(the forum moderators do not qualify as administrators with access).
Messages and responses
New messages and responses from participants are directly posted on the forum boards without being reviewed in advance by Higherlevel.nl. Consequently, Higherlevel.nl cannot be held responsible for any infringement, incorrect or incomplete information, software or other materials found through other participants' pages.

Every participant on Higherlevel.nl is personally responsible for posting messages. As a participant, you can no longer edit messages yourself after 120 minutes. However, in special cases you can submit a request to edit your message by sending an email to admin@higherlevel.nl. Higherlevel.nl bears no responsibility for the content, correctness, completeness or accuracy of the posted messages.


Higherlevel.nl is created by and for its members and visitors. By complying with the terms and conditions above, we can make it a nice, interesting, educational, fun, and above all quality forum together.

Higherlevel.nl contains information from and for entrepreneurs. The advice given in this forum is intended to support discussions. No rights can be derived from this.

Higherlevel.nl is funded by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and falls within the purview of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), which facilitates the forum on a not-for-profit basis.
Contact details
General requests: forum manager. Email: mikky@higherlevel.nl

Other: : Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) - Customer Services & Data - ing. R.C. te Molder - Manager of Answers for business - PO Box 93144, 2509 AC The Hague. Email: - email: roel.temolder@rvo.nl


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