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Higherlevel.nl is a dynamic forum for and by entrepreneurs. The participants on our forum have questions, advice and information for each other, but they also have opinions about each other.

Nevertheless, things keep ticking over smoothly thanks to the moderators who have committed to running this forum, voluntarily and without any vested interest. The moderators manage and oversee the forum and see to it that participants follow the forum rules, that messages are on topic and that a positive atmosphere is preserved.

The moderators will move messages to the appropriate section of the forum if necessary. They will also post comments intended to provide guidance in discussions that take place on the forum and to de hold users to account for their behaviour.

Last but not least, the moderators have their own private section, where they brainstorm about ideas and suggestions about our forum. They welcome any and all suggestions from participants.

The success of Higherlevel.nl depends on its moderators. It goes without saying that their input is a crucial component of Higherlevel.nl.

Current moderators:

Our thanks to the moderators who came before them ('retired mods'):

Alef Arendsen - Camelot - Dennis Hettema - Dennis van Dijk - Edward Lich - Ewout Wolff - Fred Wiersma (in memoriam) - Highio - Jeroen Bakker - Kanban - Luc Franken - Marco van den Maagdenberg - Marjan ten Hagen - Nico Schouten - Nils de Witte - Olav Slikers - Paul Matthijs Lombert - Peter Bonjernoor (in memoriam) - Rene Persoon - Rick Idler - Ronald Kleverlaan - Ruben van den Oord (in memoriam) - TwaBla - Yannick Veys


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