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De dilemma's van innoveren

"When you look past the hype, [the call for innovation] is mostly wishful thinking: There is astonishingly little true innovation happening anywhere in our society, or in business. The more I study this, the more I work with entrepreneurs and the more I think about it, the more I realize there are three, terribly discouraging reasons for this [...]"

Interessante blogpost van Dave Pollard.

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"My modest objective in this presentation is first, to tell you some new, interesting and useful things about innovation, and, second, to persuade you that innovation is the most important determinant of every business' success, and perhaps even the quality of our lives. I want to convince you that in your business, whether it employs one person or one million, innovation is probably the solution to whatever is currently keeping you awake at night -- whether that be sales growth, cost control, customer satisfaction, employee retention, or maximizing shareholder value.


And if you, like me, spend some of your sleepless hours worrying about things more altruistic than your personal and business success, I want to convince you that innovation is probably also the solution to most of the problems that have befallen our suffering planet, in part because past innovations have created many of these problems.


And finally, if I'm successful in this evangelical task, I want you to leave today not only with renewed hope about the future of your company and our world, but with some new tools to make innovation happen in your business.


I would like to ask you to listen to these ideas with an open mind, suspend briefly your disbelief, and give this your full attention. If this was that easy to explain, someone much smarter than I would have done it years ago."


Hele artikel: Recept voor innovatie: technologie creëren die voorziet in fundamentele menselijke behoeften


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