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If you have an idea for setting up a business in the Netherlands, it is worth looking around before you start. How do you start a business and develop it into a successful enterprise? Innovative entrepreneurs and startups often complain about how the information they need is too fragmented.

The philosophy behind Higherlevel.nl is to assist entrepreneurs so that they can help one another reach a higher level. Although the government tries its utmost to provide entrepreneurs with sound information, the issues they face require a different approach. In addition to everything the government can do for entrepreneurs, it is essential for them to receive support throughout the entrepreneurial process from good idea to market success. Entrepreneurs need knowledge, advice and information. Higherlevel.nl is an online meeting place where entrepreneurs and experts from both the private and public sectors can help one another.

The power behind Higherlevel.nl lies in the fact that users understand one another. Entrepreneurship is hard but rewarding work: an adventure in which you encounter obstacles, but can overcome them. Like in any adventure, lifting one another to a ‘higher level of entrepreneurialism’ requires equal measures of enthusiasm and courage. Be inspired, motivated and guided. Take a look at Higherlevel.nl and join the discussion with other entrepreneurs. At Higherlevel.nl entrepreneurs talk about all aspects of doing business; for instance, in the area of innovation and new ideas, financing, legal forms, business plans, business planning and strategy, company management and international enterprise. Higherlevel.nl has grown into an incredibly dynamic forum. A source of information for everyone who wants to find out more about doing business. If you are willing to share your knowledge and information with others, do not hesitate to join in the discussion!

Higherlevel.nl facilitates on a not-for-profit basis. It is financed by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations - something we are proud of. Not that the forum’s entrepreneurs notice, because at Higherlevel.nl the importance of the target group outweighs the interests of its initiator. However, an entrepreneurs’ forum does not run itself: moderators, who are willing to give their expert advice free of charge, supervise the debate on a voluntary basis. To ensure that Higherlevel.nl reaches its peer target group through as many channels as possible, it has portals on the websites of both public and private parties involved in promoting enterprise.

Higherlevel.nl is for anyone who wants to start or has started a company, who wants to grow, or is interested in the entrepreneurs of the future. Still need convincing? There are many reasons to become a regular visitor and join the discussion on Higherlevel.nl. Entrepreneurs are our top priority, what’s more they are our reason for being! That’s why the majority of our forum members consist of experienced entrepreneurs, former entrepreneurs, advisors, and people who support the activities of entrepreneurs and many others. Entrepreneurship will always be a race against the clock with many of pitfalls. You should seize every challenge you can. You need to know where to find the right help, by sharing, information gets you a long way. Higherlevel.nl provides opportunities, advice, examples, feedback, straight answers, etc., etc. Don’t hesitate to join... Ask questions and give advice to the others who need guidance in your area of expertise. This way we all reach a higher level!

Higherlevel.nl is a not-for-profit initiative financed by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Higherlevel is open for private-public cooperation with the aim of helping as many innovative entrepreneurs as possible as quickly and clearly as possible..

Higherlevel.nl is keen to work with umbrella organisations involved in helping entrepreneurs on a not-for-profit basis. The objective behind our partnerships is to increase our reach and build a joint network for entrepreneurs. If you are interested in becoming a partner? Please contact mikky@higherlevel.nl.

Higherlevel.nl contains information by and for entrepreneurs and organisations which support entrepreneurs with advice. The advice posted on the forum is for the purpose of supporting discussions. No rights can be derived from them.

General requests: Higherlevel.nl - Mikky Vrolijk - email: mikky@higherlevel.nl


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