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Trends in naamgeving bedrijven


Wat leuke quotes over naamgeving van (Amerikaanse) bedrijven:


Q: If tech was down, what was up?


With consumers counting carbs rather than fat, filings including the word “fat” dropped dramatically from the year before. But filings containing “carb” and “protein” jumped substantially. “Carb” may be the buzzword of the year. And now it’s reached the status of overkill: Consumers could choose from Carb Killer, Carb Assassin and Carb Annihilators if they all come to market.



Q: What about other promises to the consumer?


Immediate gratification is big, since marketers are catering to an increasingly impatient population. So we see that marks containing the words “fast,” “rapid,” “to go,” “instant” and “quick” all increased from a year ago.



Q: Are marketers still attracted to offbeat spellings?


Definitely, and I don’t mean just the deliberate misspellings of “quick” into Qwick, Qwik, Quik or Kwik. Quirky spellings were especially in vogue during the dot-com bubble years, but offbeat Qs and Xs are still with us. The federal trademark register vastly outnumbers the dictionary in queer spellings, or maybe I should say “qweer zpellingz.” Last year, 300 new filings started with XA, XE, XI, XO or XU. Other rules of pronunciation have been abandoned, such as the mandatory appearance of the letter “U” after “Q.” We have names starting with QA, QE, QI and QO.



Q: Anything to add to the Trite List for 2003?


The poster child for tired branding buzzwords would have to be “Extreme,” which registered an inexplicable 20% increase in 2003. Among the wild-and-crazy products that fancied themselves extreme were cake mix, beef jerky, fishing lures, conveyor belts, tricycles, refrigerator magnets, clip-on sunglasses and pudding. Please put this one out of its misery.


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