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  1. No hourly invoice. I knew they wouldn’t be able to pay an hourly invoice so I agreed to the suggested amount. In our last in person conversation they tried to convince me that I had no right to this. So yesterday I received an email that I can send another invoice for a quarter of the amount. They know that I‘m not okay with this. I don’t think a conversation is possible since we already realized we see everything completely opposite and they claim that even threatening me with consequences was a professional way of dealing with things. Don‘t I have any rights as zzp? I know
  2. With the plan to support a "friend" with a startup I started as a consultant which later turned into 3 months of 25+hr work weeks. The plan was to support the business side of this creative start up and if I was arranging projects I would get something like ~10%, we were going to discuss the details depending on the project. A big project came in with a lot of pressure and of course we didn't take time to set up new agreements. It was an investment and so we "trusted each other" (yes, amateurs on both ends). At one point my former client/boss offered a symbolic amount for a project that


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