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Leaving the V.O.F - Rights of partners

sorry for posting in dutch. I am wondering what happens is one partner leaves V.O.F. ? I am the one who stayed and want to continue the company but the partner who left ( she de-registered from Kamer von koophandel ) is negotiating now the fees from sold product claiming the she still owns 50% of the company. is that possible? it is all happening under dutch law.

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I guess I was wrong - a VOF itself has no debts or assets, they are shared between the partners. So even after leaving the VOF, she'd still have a claim to 50% (assuming default ratio) of the net worth.


Non-monetary things like websites and goodwill would have to be valued (by you both, in mutual agreement) and added to the financial balance.


So income from products sold (minus costs) before she left would be 50% hers. You'd have to agree on what the website and Instagram account are worth, and if you want to keep them you'd have to pay her her half of that.


Are you still on speaking terms?

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and here is the problem as she is claiming a lot of money for the website and brand name ( no patent) we are using the website platform- so monthly cost ) and images she made and put it there - not patented ) people that come there ( not buying enough to make profit ) and instagram followers 1.5K. Impossible to track who is buying what. Name of the company is also not patented




ideally we both reach the conclusion - but it is hard to find a number ..




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