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    Albion Chambers, Albion Wharf, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 5LN, United Kingdom
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    Peter Rapaport Executive Search
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    Financiën / administratie en credit management
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    are looking for a marketing career move in the Netherlands or UK, within one of our main sectors (see above). We cover positions at all levels from junior/Assistant up to Director.
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    I'm all for it!
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    The recruitment world has turned upside-down and changed enormously since the onset of digital marketing, social media and online job boards. Not all changes in the market have been for the better. At the end of the day you still need a thorough, attentive and professional supplier to get PERSONALLY involved in searching, identifying candidates and interviewing in order to prepare a strong short-list of qualified/experienced/available/affordable candidates for their client. Innovation is therefore fine, for much of the administrative and 'process' aspects of recruitment, but ultimately this business is about PEOPLE and so there is no real alternative to 'getting under the skin' of the instruction/assignment, and putting the necessary time in to deliver a project. Certain other tech' innovations (phone apps, video conferencing etc) can but useful.
  1. Hi - I am calling from the UK. I have a recruitment/search business and I supply some organisations in the Netherlands. Can anybody help with some basic advice regarding the collection of a (personal) debt from a business in Den Haag? I am happy to pay for a service. I was swindled out of a smallish amount of money (275 euros) at an exhibition at Autotron, Rosmalen in October 2018. I paid a deposit - and was given a receipt/invoice - for an item (retro jukebox) which was never supplied. In the UK we have a 'small claims court' to try to recover such debts. I understand that in the Netherlands I could try bringing a 'Kanton section' case or, perhaps, utilise a baliff to collect the debt. Does anybody know of a good law firm or baliff who may be able to help with this? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you, Peter +44 7833 052 474


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