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  1. Hi - I am calling from the UK. I have a recruitment/search business and I supply some organisations in the Netherlands. Can anybody help with some basic advice regarding the collection of a (personal) debt from a business in Den Haag? I am happy to pay for a service. I was swindled out of a smallish amount of money (275 euros) at an exhibition at Autotron, Rosmalen in October 2018. I paid a deposit - and was given a receipt/invoice - for an item (retro jukebox) which was never supplied. In the UK we have a 'small claims court' to try to recover such debts. I understand that in the Netherlands I could try bringing a 'Kanton section' case or, perhaps, utilise a baliff to collect the debt. Does anybody know of a good law firm or baliff who may be able to help with this? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you, Peter +44 7833 052 474


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