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Freelancing from the UK for a Dutch B.V

Hi everyone! I hope writing a question in English here is OK.


I have a question regarding working from the UK for a Dutch B.V. as a freelancer/self-employed person.



I have lived in The Netherlands for 7 years. I have been working for my employer for 12 months. I intend to move back to the UK in August but my employer wishes to continue working with me.


I will be switching from an employment contract to a Freelance Agreement. In order to set this up, my employer has requested a company name/reg number/VAT number. As a freelancer in the UK, I will not receive any of these items (tax is paid through self-assessment).


My income will not exceed 90K GBP so I do not require a VAT number. I will also not be hiring any employers, so registering a company is not necessary. On advice from HMRC, I would like to continue on a Freelancer contract.


What does my employer need to add to the contract in order to ensure it is legal, legitimate, and valid regardless of my location? And are there considerations they will need to take into account in regards to a KVK/CoC nummer and/or VAT?


Any help and advice is highly appreciated! Thank you!

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This is not a matter of “legal” or “illegal”.


The point is that a Dutch B.V. (probably) want to make sure that they are hiring a company/business and not an individual. Especially since you are an ex-employee!
To avoid discussion about the possibility that you still are an employee.

So they will (if they are wise!) try to ‘prove’ that by demanding a KvK-/VAT-number and such.

"What, me worry?"

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