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  1. Dear Highio , exhaeller, prinsrachid, and joost. Thank you for all of your answers. The online shop is just a part time job of me and my wife, i also have my own major job. The big part of this 800k will be a mortgage from bank, only a small part will be the money we sell our current house and bank savings. I will ask some professionals for this question, and calculate the tax rate. Anyway, I appreciate very much for all peoples answered my questions in this forum, I hope after some years when i get more knowledge about running a company, i can also help others for the questions they asked:)
  2. Dear Highio, I am very sorry for my poor knowledge of tax :'( For the tax percentage for private person (or eenmanszaak), I got it from https://www.expatax.nl/tax-rates-2016 For the tax percentage for BV, I got it from https://www.duijntax.com/en/dutch-corporate-income-tax-rate Hope you could correct my mistake of the questions I asked.
  3. Dear Joost, Thank you for your kind reply. So based on your explanation, the percentage of tax I have to pay for the money I used to buy a business property will be the same as if I buy a private property. (so 12.25%, 40,40%, and 52%) And if I upgrade my eenmanszaak to bv, then to buy a business property, I only need to pay 20% tax. Is that correct? kkpiano
  4. Hi, prinsrachid I read again your answer, there is one thing might be misunderstood. What I asked is not the depreciation of the business property, but if I can count this business property as company cost if I buy it. So original company yearly income is 100k, the business property is 400k, I pay each year maximal 80k, then my company yearly income becomes 20k, and I only need to pay tax based on this 20k instead of 100K. Would you please to so kind to answer my question?
  5. Hi, prinsrachid Legend Thank you so much for your quick, detail, and professional answer, you are great :)
  6. hi, I have a few questions about paying tax when buying a business property. I have a one person company (eenmanszaak), and would like to buy a land in an industrial area to build a house combined with office and warehouse to live and work. I have discussed with the construction company, the total price will be around 800k (excluding btw), including ground, house to live for my family and work, and the warehouse. 50% will be private property, and 50% will be business property. Below are the questions: 1. If my company income is 100k before tax per year, may I use almost all of the company income to buy the business property, so that I only pay a little bit of my company income for tax? Below is the calculation 400k business property / 5 years = 80k per year. (divided by 5 years is because belastingdienst does not allow company to report investment at once, so I have to divide the investment into 5 years, each year pay part of the investment) 100k income - 80K property investment per year = 20K, only this 20k need to pay income tax, then only 36.55% for tax? 2. For the following 5 years, there is always 80k each year of the company income does not need to pay tax? 3. Is it possible to get refund for the 21% btw for the 400k business property? Thank you very much. Neo
  7. very clear, thank you so much for your kind explanation :)
  8. ok, thank you very much for your kind reply. So you mean if I buy a software for company use (for example, an online shop system, or ask a developer to update my current online shop system for new functions), then it also can not count for KIA?
  9. Dear friends, I have a small online shop, each month I spend 500 euro for Google Adwords, and every month Google Ireland sent me a bill of this amount. Is it possible to count this cost as Kleinschaligheidsinvesteringsaftrek (KIA) so that I can get 28% back from belastingdienst? More information about Kleinschaligheidsinvesteringsaftrek: http://www.zzpservicedesk.nl/790/wat-kleinschaligheidsinvesteringsaftrek.htm If it is possible, then every month I also got a bill from a shipping company for my sold products shipping cost which is also more than 450 euro. Can is be also count as KIA? Thank you. kkpiano
  10. Thanks a lot for both of your comments. Now it is clear to me, so I can benefit from both. Someone told me that if I declare 19 cents per kilometer, then I can not declare btw percentage refund any more. But from your comments, it seems that I can declare both of them. :)
  11. Hi, I have an eenmanszaak, and use my private car for company use. I know that I could get bw return based on the percentage of use my private car for business purpose, and could declare 0.19 cents per kilometer. But I do not know if I could add them together for tax return. For instance, I used my car 50% for private, and 50% for business. I drived 20000km, the insurance, oil, and maintenance is in total 1210 euro. So I can declare 0.19*20000*0.5 = 1900 euro out of the company revenue, but can I still get tax refund of 1210*0.21*0.5= 127.05 euro? Here is the reference from belastingdienst, both situations are clear to me, I just do not know if I can add them together. http://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/bldcontentnl/belastingdienst/zakelijk/btw/btw_aftrekken/btw_en_de_auto/zakelijk_gebruik_van_de_priveauto/voorbeeld_zakelijk_gebruik_priveauto_met_kilometeradministratie http://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/bldcontentnl/belastingdienst/zakelijk/auto_en_vervoer/auto_van_de_onderneming/autokosten/u_rijdt_in_uw_eigen_auto Thank you.
  12. Hi, I am sorry to write in English because my dutch is not good. I have a small online shop, and imported some products from China to the Netherlands by using DHL. I have paid the import duty and VAT based on the value written on the package, but recently I found the value written on the packages by the seller are too low. This for several packages delivered in 2015. For example, the actual product value and shipping cost are around 1000 euro, but on the package, it is written as only 500 euro. And I paid the import duty and vat based on 500 euro, which is not correct. I would like to pay the extra import duty and vat based on the actual value, so what I should do? Contact with DHL, or contact with Dutch custom? Or belastingdienst? Thank you very much for your answers.


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