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  1. Good morning! I hope someone could help me out! To make a long story short, a year ago we have signed a contract to rent our current apartment. Because it was a new development, at the time of signing we were told building is going to be available at the end of July 2018. Prompt by that, we have decided to sign a contract. That contract says: delivery date is in consultation, but the owner will inform the tenant 4 weeks in advance. Fair enough. We are still being told we must wait till July and then we get a key. Mid June comes, we get an email, the whole development is now delayed, we must wait till end of August: our house is sold, by August 1st we are homeless. With help comes family and friends. Beginning of August: no further communication from owner. So we give him few calls, letters.. nothing. Finally beginning of September generic email is sent, your house is ready October 4th. We are getting another contract to sign, but now we are just happy we have a house. The contract states: Contract runs for 12 months (and then in point a). it runs for 12 months and 28 days till October 30th 2019!). Recently we have contacted management and the owner. We purchased the house and we would like to leave on September 1st (planned like this all the way, as we applied for the house which was suppose to be ready in July). Now they are giving us hard time, saying its absolutely not possible (we found a new tenant who would like to move in by September). On top of that, this past 6 months were terrible, management company never helps out with repairs (which was plenty), they are rude and arrogant. As a community we are working on filing official complaint, but my question to legals on this forum is: IS IT LEGAL for them, to charge us till end of OCTOBER 2019, if, to my understanding 12 months from October 4 2018, is October 3rd 2019? Thank you so much in advance! Best, Magda


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