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  1. Is there any legislation or licensing regulations we should take into account for a Canadian software company to operate and acquire clients in the Netherlands best regards Madeleine
  2. Has anyone used this fund : Fonds Verantwoord Ondernemen (FVO) ? I'm exploring grants and funds we can use in our business to help us grow. We are based in Leiden and focus on finding established SME's in the UK or Germany with innovative organic products that want to enter the Dutch market. We then do a sustainability scan and market feasibility research to enter the Dutch market more sustainably. Will we qualify for this fund? are their others more suitable? "FVO samenwerkingsverbanden (Pijler 1) FVO Pijler 1 helpt samenwerkingsverbanden van (Nederl
  3. If a UK company (producer) invoices a NL company (client) in EUROS for stock that the NL company bought from them, who is usually responsible for paying the transfer fees? And is there a formula for what it might be?
  4. Thank you for your replies:) Our market is B2B The product is Kombucha, a low sugar, organic, green tea, soft drink - stored 4 -9 degrees C so cold storage is also required. Near Westzaan / Amsterdam would be helpful as the transporter trucking it in from the UK is based there. Thanks so much for those suggestions - I will follow all of them up!
  5. @TwaBla there is a lot of support in Canada for start -ups and women entrepreneurs:)) Do you perhaps know of local Dutch food fulfillment solutions that we can try?
  6. It seems to be really difficult in The Netherlands to find food fulfilment (organic certified) with cold storage and pick and pack for SME start-ups When products are brand new, the volume is obviously still very low and most food fulfillers seem to want a minimum of 500 orders HAs anyone come across a provider that can help? Post.nl has started a food fulfilment service however their minimum requirement is also 500 orders. Please advise?
  7. I am based in Lisse and work with UK companies and products entering the NL. - I found that the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) also has some good information on Brexit and are hosting an event on 3 Oct in the Hague for those of you interested https://www.nbcc.co.uk/events/upcoming-events?view=event&itid=4 A lot of information is corporate orientated. Is there a user-friendly step by step guide for SME's? -
  8. We have a UK client entering the Dutch market that for various reasons couldn't add Dutch labels on their soft drink bottles at the scheduled production run. 100's of 1000 of bottles of stock is now available to enter the Dutch market, only printed in English. The client is a SME and money is tight for them. If possible they don't want to wait 4 or 5 months to enter the Dutch market (where new clients are waiting already) before the next production run happens ( with Dutch printed labels). Are there and cost effective solutions to add dutch labeling on top of already produced and English


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