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  1. I had the company "sewingworks ltd" I left everything for my ex-wife. We was working with international designers, usa, germany, netherlands too. So, I still have contacts. If you are interested I can help you. PM me. From my experience I can say, that not so much companies want to work with you if you like to order 5 styles in 5 colors in 10 pieces of each size. There is very time consuming work for sewing company therefore the price for the work will be high. Other thing if you want to order lets say 2 styles in two color in quantity of about 500 pieces the price will be very low. If you are interested I can explain you why.
  2. It is just what I was able to find so far. You dont need to pay taxes on product, sometimes you have to pay VAT if product was assembled in other country. Bu,t I can not find how much you have to pay 21%, 9% or 5%? I need to change packing, labeling to Dutch language. So, if I import unpacked raw product, does it mean It assembled in Netherlands? The product is milk derivate product. And other question, if somebody already make import goods from EU, would be great to know about plus and minus of distribution and commercial agent. Also, where I can read about operating a business as EU company in Netherland. Thank you for answer.
  3. Some agencies use third parties to make accounting. Most of them. To bring employees from east europe will expand your business, but you need to provide accomodation. The man I know started 3 years ago in automotive sector with renting one house and one person from Spain, now he has 150 employees. Another employment agency I know well is working for 5 years and have 400 employees. So the business goes well. I was thinking to do the same. But there some things inside this business you have to know how exploit them.


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