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  1. DevinUD

    Charging VAT

    Hello Roel and thank you for the feedback If I may to ask some follow up questions. What I am very confused with probably is : If I make an offer to a client do I state the price exclude VAT? Then then in the invoice that I will make for my client I will add the VAT? If so then he pays the VAT to me and I pay from my income the VAT to belastingdienst, is not that a double taxation on the service? Where to I got the mistake and confusion??? Kind regards, Devin.
  2. DevinUD

    Charging VAT

    Hello People, I just opened my kvk and read as much as possible about my business and the finance in order to be legit with tax etc. My company is one man operation (sole proprietorship) that sells services to others like me or bigger companies. My services is a product that later my clients will intergrade to their product in order to sell to consumers. So it is safe to say that my business is B2B? What I do not understand yet and it is not clear around documents and online (KVK etc) if I have to include VAT in my services. 1. In which cases do I charge
  3. Branko I can not thank you enough for these advise you shared with me along with the links. It is time to study for me. :D
  4. Hello People, I have my first appointment with KVK in a few weeks. My business will sell business to business digital product. Since I just started the company, I will have to pay some expenses but the business income for the next months will be most probably zero. 1. What do I have to be careful with that appointment in order to be legit? 2. How do I manage to explain these cost to Belastingdienst? 3. What is the tax that I will pay for the next year as business of a very low income? (is there a table of content for that) 4. Do I have to open an new bank


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