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  1. Hi, My name is Chi. I am a non-EU citizen (Vietnamese). I am currently under the Dutch Orientation Year Visa. As an OY visa holder, I am eligible to open any type of business in the Netherlands. Together with me, my German partner, and we are interested in the flower market in the Netherlands. Therefore, we are looking for a way to open a business. I have done some research online and found out that the Netherlands have so many business structures. Hence, I was overwhelmed and did not know which structures we should follow. About our business, we want to open a flower business specialising in gift-giving and flower decoration with an Asian touch. We already had a target market and customer portfolio in Germany. Therefore, we will have our product shipped to Germany. We planned to open our business online at first and will soon have our first store in Germany, and then our next store in the Netherlands. Our suppliers are from the Netherlands. As I understand, this might be possible. My questions are: - Is there anything I should pay attention to with these business activities? - Which business structures should I do? I have read all info about these structures but have not found the ultimate option for my business: Private Limited company (Besloten Vennootschaap) or Professional partnership (Maatschap) or General or commercial partnership (Vof or Vennootschap Onder Firma)? - With a flower business, do we need to have any flower-related certificate to trade flower? As far as I am concerned, this trading certificate for flowers is only for some specific flower which we might not have in our product categories. And I can't find any info online about a certificate that I need for my business. As a non-EU citizen, my current visa will be expired next year. As I will be one of the main partners who will run the business, I would prefer to stay in the Netherland. - Will it be possible for me to extend my time in the Netherlands by applying for another visa (e.i: a self-employment visa)? - Is the self-employment visa hard to apply for, according to your experiences? - Have anyone had the same situation as me? - Finally, which business structure is better for my visa application situation? Thank you so much for reading my question. As a young entrepreneur, I am looking forward to learning from you all.
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